Personally, LIJ


First off let me introduce myself …
My name is ROU! SH - to - the - ELLE.

Okay I give up, rapping isn’t my forte but being FABULOUS is. I live to sprinkle glamour on others to amplify their personalities and presentation. (Thank God for this gift). This journal will take you behind the scenes of projects, events and maybe just a little bit more about me.

Lij Tafari, is my bunununus (yes, I’m Jamaican). He is a Media Practitioner, Co-Founder of Yaadie Views and my very own Director of Communications for Miss Legacy International Pageant. While he’s a Stewed Peas & KFC Connoisseur, he flaunts an impeccable and timeless style through fashion. So of course he enlisted me to mold his new venture, Personally.


The original …

Teal and white is a great colour combo and a handwritten font is hard to beat. However they don’t always mesh well together for everyone. When choosing the pieces that intertwine your logo, think about the letters, layout and what you wish for it to exude. Your choices are paramount.


Touched by a bawse …

I think what gets my clients is that we all energetically connect which makes it easy for me to capture their uniqueness and transcend it into their brand. When Lij expressed that Personally is a menswear retailer for the discerning individual, I immediately thought of bringing the runway to the streets. I’ve taken the thread of simplicity that holds his vision together and weaved it through his animated personality to embark on a direction.


The perfect serif font allows us to balance the vibrance and minimalism. The stencil oozes vigor but will keep him trendy and reusable to no end. I wanted him to freely convey his acquired taste through solids and prints without diminishing his branding. Knowing when and how to use the black or white versions will drive his pieces into the right market value and his ideal clients.

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Lij Tafari  Captured by Saske Lee Photography

Lij Tafari
Captured by Saske Lee Photography

The logo, created by Roushelle Reign, captures the essence of a brand that is simplistic, yet sophisticated, authoritative yet modest and mature. It captures the essence of a man. The idea was that women and men alike would see the design and liken it to the booming international mega brands of today.
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