Strutting out of my shell


I’ll admit, I fall somewhere in between the shy girl next door and a social butterfly. Maybe an ambivert is a better term to use but my energy shifts based on my mental space and environment and so do my decisions.

I completely adore my dimensional personality but for the most part I am quite reserved. In the past year I’ve found a way to strike that balance, to bask in my high energy while keeping my composure. My clients have coined it as the sassy professional and I’m totally cool with that boo!


I promised myself I’ll be strutting out of my shell this entire year. So I did an unboxing video of Posh Candles Co. and my Apple iMac 21.5” with Retina 4k Display. Watch, enjoy and laugh and I hope this will inspire you to step a little out of your own box each and everyday. I damn sure am!

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