Using What You've Got

Turn on the pipe that’s closest to your hands
— Fiona Ellis

Have you taken a moment to think on the abilities you’ve been blessed with? I pretty much do this every couple of weeks. Mostly because I want to make sure I’m maximizing my skills and talents. Taking a mental log of my weaknesses and how to strengthen each to make sure it balances my greatness.

But let’s face it when the ceiling comes crashing down, we are immediately saddened by how far our capabilities have taken us. I made a promise that when these circumstances arise I’ll do what it takes to get in touch with my natural abilities. I make a list of my skills to evaluate exactly where I’m at in my growth. You can write your observations with a few specifications to each list.

Which have you mastered like breathing?
What can you sharpen?
Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?
Can your skill inventory allow you to create the life you want?

Roushelle Reign

When I began my business I had given up HTML and CSS coding. In truth, I hated the back and forth when a simple space or colon was missing, it took away the fun of creating. *roll eyes* I resumed by paying attention to all the free and paid resources available that enabled to fill the gap in my knowledge and expand my creativity when crafting jaw dropping gorgeous websites.

Truthfully all you have to do is begin, changes through experiences will only result in growth. Hunni, there’s nothing like evolving into your best self.

I hosted a Mindset Monday LIVE on Facebook about Using What You’ve Got with my close friend and cousin Tiana of Brownie Batter Beauty. I hope what we discussed touches the light within you and that our laughter is contagious.


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