This virtual masterclass is specifically designed for new and existing businesses who are ready to refresh + refine their strategy. Each section is equipped to build a distinct character that captivates an audience through brand communication.


A brand doesn’t conclude with a logo.

With practical exercises you will be inspired to curate your story, discover your niche and frame a strategy for long-term brand recognition. This masterclass enables you to understand what elevates you and how it sets you apart. As you work through each section, you’ll align your decisions with why you built your business.


Roushelle taught me that my brand is its own unique entity and I must be true to it. Working with her on refreshing your brand is like therapy, it brings you back to centre, back to the core of the vision.
 You’ll never think of your company or brand the same again. If my brand was a person i could order a meal for her, dress her and set her up on a blind date.
Roushelle is a brand whisperer, you’ll never be in better hands.

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